Adding the slide library back to SharePoint

Dec 29, 2015 | Content Management

With SharePoint 2013, Microsoft unfortunately discontinued the slide library feature due to an unspecified design limitation.  As result, PowerPoint users are losing this time-saving feature as their IT departments upgrade to SharePoint 2013 or newer versions.

While there are many web-based slide management solutions the lack of PowerPoint integration is not ideal as switching back and forth between PowerPoint and a web-browser is extremely inconvenient. For many, even SharePoint’s slide library feature had significant room to improve.

At TeamSlide, we’ve developed a solution that can integrate with your SharePoint installation and provides powerful slide library features. When we first set out to build TeamSlide we spoke with a variety of power users and experts which fueled a set of 3 primary principles:

  • Easy to use: As a large variety of employees use slides, TeamSlide would have to provide features in a highly intuitive manner
  • Tightly integrated: TeamSlide would need to integrate with PowerPoint and with any existing content repositories
  • Powerful search: As the number of slides grow, TeamSlide would have to keep up and ensure users can quickly find what they are looking for

As we built TeamSlide we took these principles to heart and ensured that we could easily work with customers that had SharePoint implementations. Now users can search for slides from within PowerPoint and insert them into their active presentation with a simple click. Those used to SharePoint’s old slide library function will find TeamSlide easy to use and full of new features including the ability to quickly update slides. Users new to slide libraries will be able quickly get up to speed and start benefiting from TeamSlide in a few minutes.

Whether you are looking to augment your SharePoint capabilities or looking for a slide library solution that works without SharePoint take a moment to try TeamSlide!

At TeamSlide, we are consistently improving our slide library solution.  If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us and we’d be happy to help or learn from your perspective.



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