PowerPoint AI Assistant with your brand in mind

AI tools for PowerPoint with a governance layer to ensure consistent tone and brand alignment

PowerPoint slides, templates, images, and videos

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Optimized for marketing teams

Brand-aligned output

Define a consistent language and tone across all AI generated content

PowerPoint integrated

Easy, intuitive, access from within PowerPoint

Efficient tools

Generate executive summaries, write slide titles, refine text boxes, and much more.

Security focused

All interactions are private and not used to train AI models

Stay in the know

Worried about AI generated content your team is using?

PowerPoint AI Assistant,
in your voice

Prime all prompts and AI tools with your brand guidelines to maintain consistency in tone, style, and messaging
PowerPoint AI Assistant by TeamSlide

Need to maintain brand consistency?

Optimize PowerPoint slides seamlessly

Create effective PowerPoint slides without writing prompts. Allow users to run many AI-related tasks with a click: generate slide titles, write executive summaries, convert text to bullets, etc.

PowerPoint AI Assistant by TeamSlide