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Jan 18, 2022

Creating a brief and impactful presentation from PowerPoint’s default “Click to add title” starting slide is a daunting task. Many seasoned presentation creators struggle to communicate their ideas effectively through clear, concise slides.

 SlideScience breaks down creating a presentation into actionable, learnable steps. In this article, we summarize each of their five modules.

What is Slide Science?

SlideScience is an online PowerPoint course specifically designed for consultants, corporate professionals, startup teams, and students.

Rather than focusing on the technical aspects of using PowerPoint, SlideScience teaches communicating effectively on slides.

Over a five-module curriculum, students will learn how premier strategy firms build state-of-the-art presentations.

Module 1. Crafting a logical argument and compelling storyline

Define your objective, craft your arguments, and then translate them into a storyline. Learn the difference between inductive and deductive logic, the SCQA method, and how to use tone to position your story

Module 2. Structuring your slide deck using the Pyramid Principle

Learn the renowned “Pyramid Principle” to structure your deck to captivate audiences—practice slide lead-ins and how to support logic on slides with evidence.

Get hands-on with five common slide layouts to put into practice.

Module 3. Supporting your storyline with charting and data visualizations

Avoid most common pitfalls for data visualization by learning which chart best communicates different insights. Use their 8-point checklist to guarantee your charts are consistently clear.

Module 4. Supporting your storyline with conceptual graphics and text

Learn how different frameworks and conceptual graphics can help reduce verbose text into easy-to-understand, visually engaging slides.

Module 5: Learn to finalize your slide deck

Finally, implement the bookends of all impactful presentations, the executive summary, and the recommendations slide. From articulating your logic on a slide to writing a summary that motivates, you’ll ensure your presentations starts and ends as you intend.

Bottom line

SlideScience modules spill the secret recipe of creating intriguing slide decks that entice action.

They promise a money-back guarantee, and if you sign up soon, you can lock in a 50% discount!

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