Productivity and knowledge sharing to create competitive advantages


  • Is the content you are developing effectively being used across the firm?
  • Are you permanently refining your message and keeping up with business and legal changes?

Knowledge management

  • Can your consulting staff effectively find the content they need?
  • Are you able to capture all the knowledge created during projects?

Consulting staff

  • When in a crunch, does it take it too long to find the content you need?
  • Are you aware of all the relevant knowledge created across the firm?

As former consultants we are intimately familiar with these problems. In addition, our conversations with numerous consulting firms have confirmed that these remain top-of-mind issues to solve.

TeamSlide is dedicated to helping consulting organizations solve these problems by enabling seamless, easy access to PowerPoint content:

  • Effectively manage & share all your PowerPoint content (templates, marketing collateral, knowledge bits)
  • Access content directly from PowerPoint and improve productivity
  • Easy upload and incentivization programs to foster knowledge sharing
  • Create project work spaces with assigned access levels to secure content

It’s been great experience to be able to help consulting firms significantly improve their productivity and knowledge management processes. We remain focused on working with advisory firms to provide them with the features they need to share content, drive productivity, and create competitive advantages.

Stay within PowerPoint

TeamSlide integrates with PowerPoint providing in-app access. You can work where you are most comfortable. Use and share content with a single click

Share presentation elements

TeamSlide lets you share slide loops, individual slides, or even objects on slides. Use TeamSlide to share knowledge bites, templates, marketing collateral, or graphics

Foster knowledge sharing

TeamSlide encourages knowledge sharing by making the process simple and incentivizing your consulting staff.

Instantly find what you need

TeamSlide lets you quickly find and image-preview the content you need. For example search by date, user or color