Consistency and agility to win in a dynamic sales environment


  • Have you heavily invested in a set of content that is not being consistently used?
  • Are you continuously refining your message and keeping up with product/regulatory updates?
  • Do you need an easier way to share your collateral with sales?


  • When preparing for customer meetings, do you struggle to find the specific slides you need?
  • Have you accidentally shared an out-of-date slide with a customer?
  • Is it difficult to keep up with all the updates marketing releases?

When working and speaking with numerous marketing and sales teams across industries we found that these were persistent problems. Time and time again companies have struggled to empower their sales teams while creating boundaries to ensure message branding and accuracy.

TeamSlide is dedicated to helping our clients solve these problems by effectively connecting teams with PowerPoint content:

  • Create and manage secure content repositories (presentations, slides, or objects)
  • Access collateral directly from PowerPoint with intuitive search
  • Check for updates and ensure the presentation is always up to date
  • Set access levels and safeguard content within the organization

We have gotten a great response so far and will continue to help sales and marketing teams maximize customer interaction. Our goal is to improve communication between marketing, sales and the customer to help organizations close more deals, more quickly.

Work within PowerPoint

TeamSlide is embedded in PowerPoint and fits within your workflow. You won’t have to learn to use a new application

Instantly find what you need

TeamSlide lets you effectively find and preview the specific content you need. You can even search for slides that use certain colors

Always use the freshest content

With TeamSlide you can ensure that your presentation is using the latest material with a single click. Instantly update all your old slides and present with confidence

Share presentation elements

TeamSlide lets you work with the content elements like slide loops, individual slides, or even objects on slides. Use TeamSlide to share product overviews, text excerpts, or images