TeamSlide Update: New User Interface

Nov 20, 2020

By the end of 2020, we will release a new version of the TeamSlide UI.

TeamSlide’s interface updates to a clean and straightforward design that provides a vastly improved user experience. TeamSlide’s UI is now based on Microsoft’s Fluent UI, a collection of user experience frameworks used by Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The switch to Fluent UI allows us to seamlessly fit into PowerPoint’s interface and design, creating an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate.

Preview our new UI below.

Introducing TeamSlide's new UI

(1) Browse content

Setting up properties in TeamSlide allows you to add metadata to your PowerPoint slides, images, and video content. If you already have metadata in your content management system (CMS), such as SharePoint or Box, TeamSlide can import and keep them synced. After configuring these properties, you’ll be able to use them to filter search results and/or browse content.

See some typical ‘Browse by’ examples below:

Example 1: Browse by tags
Browse your content based on tags assigned to them:

Browse by tags with TeamSlide

Example 2: Browse by industry
While you can set up any property, our customers commonly use a list of industries

Browse by industry with TeamSlide

Within the browse by view, you’ll notice two icons on the right side. These icons give you the ability to (A) Sort alphabetically and (B) Sort by number of elements.

(2) Filter results

After searching in the TeamSlide pane, you’ll notice a ‘Filter’ option appear. Click on ‘Filter’ to view additional filtering options. You can select properties to filter by (i.e., tags, types, date modified)

Filter search results in PowerPoint

(3) See details/view information

After searching in the TeamSlide pane, hover over a search result until the ‘i’ icon appears.

Click the ‘i’ to view additional information about the content, such as metadata and a larger preview. In the information view, you’ll have options to insert the slide (with or without original master), mark the slide as a favorite, attach the slide to an email, and view even more details. In the new UI, the information view overlays on top of the search result for easier focus (as opposed to inline with the search results).

View additional details in PowerPoint with TeamSlide

(4) Access features

Our features are now cleanly tucked away in the hamburger menu, leaving them easily accessible throughout searches. Click the hamburger menu to view a list of options:

Additional features with TeamSlide

Version control

TeamSlide automatically identifies stale slides, alerts you that the slide is out-of-date, and allows you to update it with a click.

PowerPoint version control in with TeamSlide

(7) Responsive design

TeamSlide’s new design is responsive and adjusts to the pane width. By expanding the TeamSlide pane within PowerPoint, the slides shown in the search results automatically rearrange to fit in the pane. Further, the design of different functions, including filtering and browsing, shifts to maximize the available space.

For example, when the ‘Filter’ is open, expand the pane to see a 2-column format with the filter options to the left of the search results.

TeamSlide's responsive design inside PowerPoint
If you have questions or need additional support navigating the new UI, please send us a message at  

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