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Quickly finding a slide by directly drilling down to it is truly powerful. No more rummaging around or heavy cataloging. My work has become a lot easier and fun this way!

Robert Haas

Manager, Strategy consulting firm

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Frequently asked questions

How do I use Slide Finder by TeamSlide?

Get the Slide Finder add-in from the Microsoft app store. Follow the setup instructions to connect your content. You can search, preview, and insert slides directly in PowerPoint. Contact us if you need additional support!

Does Slide Finder work on Macs?

Yes! Slide Finder works on Macs and PCs. Download on the Microsoft app store.

Does Slide Finder work on PowerPoint online?

Yes! Slide Finder works on both desktop versions and online versions of PowerPoint.

Why is Slide Finder free?

Slide Finder is free! Why? We want an initial population of individuals and small businesses to experience Slide Finder free of cost. Slide Finder will remain free for active users.

What content sources does Slide Finder integrate with?

Slide Finder connects with OneDrive and SharePoint. Let us know if you’d like another content system to be connected.

Who created Slide Finder?

Slide Finder, a product within the TeamSlide family, was built by former consultants! They always wished a tool like this had existed during their deck-making days.

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