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Quickly finding a slide by directly drilling down to it is truly powerful. No more rummaging around or heavy cataloging. My work has become a lot easier and fun this way!

Robert Haas

Manager, Strategy consulting firm

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Frequently asked questions

How much does TeamSlide cost?

TeamSlide is priced on a per-user per-year basis.  A single license costs $188 USD/year.  The price per license drops as you buy additional licenses.  Here are some sample price points:

5 users: $176/user/year

10 users: $141/user/year

20 users: $132/use/year


You don’t need to buy a group of licenses to get a discount – buy the exact number you need.

Can I try TeamSlide first?

Yes! We offer a free, fully supported 30-day trial. Use the forms on this page to sign up.

How secure is TeamSlide?

TeamSlide uses Microsoft Azure data centers to host our service. Our security practices include transport and storage encryption, single sign-on support, and penetration testing.

Optionally, TeamSlide can be installed on-premise.

Contact us if you’d like more details.

Will TeamSlide work on a Mac?

This version of TeamSlide is not yet available on Mac.  We’ll be releasing a Mac version soon.

What content systems does TeamSlide connect with?
Today, we connect to SharePoint, OneDrive, and Egnyte. Box and others are in development.  Reach out if you’d like us to add you to the wait list.