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Getting started with TeamSlide

Getting Started in TeamSlide

Getting Started in TeamSlide

Now that you've made the decision to use TeamSlide, we will walk you through how to get your PowerPoint add-in up and running. Setting up your TeamSlide account After an account has been created for you by an administrator, you will receive an email detailing the...

Getting Started with Users, User Groups, and Libraries

Getting Started with Users, User Groups, and Libraries

TeamSlide, a PowerPoint slide manager, enables you to control access to your slide library. In this walk-through, you’ll learn how to add users, establish user groups, and configure library permissions in the TeamSlide portal. After logging in, you’ll notice the three...

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have multiple versions of the same slide?

TeamSlide will treat them as different slides.

Where is the data stored?

To make your files searchable, we keep a copy of the data that you replicate on our servers.

Does everyone have access to the indexed slides?

Yes. After you create a replication link and replicate your content, all users will have access to the content within TeamSlide. Permissions can be adjusted for each user.

Will TeamSlide provide search suggestions?

Yes, if you misspell a word in the search bar, TeamSlide will make a suggestion.

Will TeamSlide work on a Mac?

TeamSlide Business does work on a Mac with slightly limited functionality. Mac users are not able to use the auto-update feature. TeamSlide Pro is not available for Mac users. We are working to improve the Mac version of TeamSlide.

Do I need to tag my slides?
If you have tags or other metadata in your CMS, TeamSlide can import them automatically. If you don’t have tags/metadata already, but you’d like to add them, you can do so manually. TeamSlide does a great job of searching all the content on slides without tags.
Does TeamSlide manage slides with different masters?

If the slide you are trying access from TeamSlide uses a different master than your active presentation, PowerPoint will apply the master in your active presentation to the slide you insert from TeamSlide. If you prefer to keep the original master, select ‘Insert with original master’.

Can I arrange a quick tutorial?

Yes, we are always happy to provide additional support. Email us at and we’ll coordinate a time to chat.


How TeamSlide slide library replication works

How TeamSlide slide library replication works

TeamSlide is a powerful PowerPoint slide search solution (with an add-in) that allows users to search, insert, and preview slides, images, and videos. TeamSlide connects to several CMSs including SharePoint, Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive, essentially bringing the CMS...

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of TeamSlide

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of TeamSlide

TeamSlide is a powerful slide management tool that keeps PowerPoint slides at your fingertips. Finding a slide is a tedious process resulting in lost productivity and reduced output quality. We’ve identified five actionable ways for you to take full advantage of...

Setting up Custom Properties in TeamSlide

Setting up Custom Properties in TeamSlide

Setting up custom properties in TeamSlide allows you to add metadata to your PowerPoint slides, images, and video content. If you already have metadata in your content management system (CMS), such as SharePoint or Box, TeamSlide can import and keep them synced using...

Slide Library Analytics in TeamSlide

Slide Library Analytics in TeamSlide

TeamSlide’s analytics capabilities provide valuable insights into your slide management process.  From measuring user adoption, examining common search terms, or determining your most used slides, our reporting feature creates transparency for your slide...

New Feature Updates: Find Images and Videos Faster

New Feature Updates: Find Images and Videos Faster

We added a fantastic new feature to TeamSlide: videos. Now, in addition to PowerPoint slides and images, you can easily add videos to your presentation.  While we typically call TeamSlide a slide management tool, we have extended our content to reach well...


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Slide library analytics in TeamSlide

Getting started with users, groups, and libraries

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