A comparison of core slide library use-cases

When we first started working with customers we often discovered that they have access to a SharePoint implementation and have grown especially frustrated with its slide library functionality. And those using SharePoint 2013 or later have completely lost the slide library feature.

While TeamSlide can integrate with SharePoint's content repository, our slide library capabilities and ease-of-use far surpass what SharePoint has to offer.

We wanted to compare and contrast the two primary use-cases that slide libraries must address:

Sharing slides

Users needs to be able to quickly share the new content they create. If it takes too many clicks or too long, they won't bother and that knowledge is potentially lost.


  1. Go to your browser and enter the address for your SharePoint site (hope you have it bookmarked)
  2. Select the library you want to add the slides to
  3. Select publish slides
  4. Browse to access the presentation with the slide you want to save (hope you hit save on the presentation in PPT)
  5. Select the slide you want to update
  6. Enter your meta data
  7. Hit save


  1. In PPT, right-click on the slide
  2. Select "Upload to TeamSlide"
  3. Edit the suggested meta data
  4. Hit Save

With TeamSlide you can save/share slides directly from within PowerPoint and it just takes a couple of clicks. Further, TeamSlide makes a host of related functions simple to use:

  • Quickly create libraries and set access rights
  • Edit meta data or update slides without ever leaving PowerPoint
  • Go beyond slides and save your marketing images, icons, or other graphics

Inserting slides into your presentations

Finding and inserting slides into the user's presentation is the most prevalent use-case. Again, this needs to be as seamless as possible. If it's too difficult they just won't use the slide library.


  1. Click on New Slide
  2. Select Reuse Slides
  3. Select the library your slide is in (what if you can't remember?)
  4. Search for your slide
  5. Click to insert it into presentation


  1. If not open, open TeamSlide
  2. Search for your slide
  3. Click to insert into your presentation

While SharePoint only requires a couple more steps, the TeamSlide UI also makes the process a lot easier:

  • Use the zoom bar to adjust the size of your slide image previews
  • Hover over the image to access a variety of functions including emailing the author and accessing the entire presentation the slide came from
  • Save slides in your favorites
  • Quickly request support directly from TeamSlide if you need help

Take a moment to arrange a demo and start improving the way you build presentations and share slides