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Sep 20, 2023 | PowerPoint, Tips

AI optimized for marketing teams


An AI assistant embedded in PowerPoint, enabling users to enhance slide content without writing prompts.


AI tools, like Microsoft’s Copilot, are helping people build better slides. However, they require you to write in prompts manually, and most people are not great prompt engineers.

A user may write “create an executive summary” where instead they should be writing “create an executive summary that is 3 paragraphs long without bullets, has an analytical tone, and doesn’t use the word empower because that’s our competitor’s name”

Our solution:

Our solution, embedded into PowerPoint, would allow users to run many AI-related tasks with a click: generate slide titles, write executive summaries, convert text to bullets, etc.

Users could then adjust the prompt with simple click-based UI.  For example, when generating an executive summary they can select some options for tone (friendly, factual, assertive).  Or, when generating a slide title, they can move a slider to adjust the number of words or select check box to make it an ‘action title’.

Also, for each task, the team admin could specify additional information that would be automatically fed into the prompt.  For example, a list of words that align with the brand, a tone that should generally be used, or words to stay away from


– No need for prompt engineering skills.

– Easy prompt modification.

– Ensures consistent brand voice.

– Cost-saving by not requiring Microsoft Copilot.

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