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Slide Library Analytics in TeamSlide

TeamSlide’s analytics capabilities provide valuable insights into your slide management process.  From measuring user adoption, examining common search terms, or determining your most used slides, our reporting feature creates transparency for your slide...

How to Use Metadata in SharePoint

Using metadata in SharePoint is an effective way to keep your content organized and accessible by your team. In this article, we discuss what metadata is, why you should use it, and provide tangible examples and best practices. In addition, we’ll provide specific...

Get Started with Libraries

Creating a Library What are TeamSlide libraries? A library is a container for content (slides, images, videos) that primarily defines its access rights. Additionally, a library can be used in TeamSlide to filter search results and modify search relevancy. 1....

Create a Collection to Insert Slides Together

At times, you may want to group slides so that they will be inserted into your presentation together. Examples include legal slides or mini-stories that require a few slides to communicate like a company introduction or product screenshots. To address this use case,...

Manually Upload Content to TeamSlide

If connecting to a content management system is not an option, you may decide to manually upload content to TeamSlide. In this article, we'll describe how you can do this in the TeamSlide Web Portal. Login to the TeamSlide Web Portal.In the main menu, click Batch...

How to Change a Replication Folder Path

Once you've established a replication task, making specific folders searchable in TeamSlide, you may find that the folder path has changed. Let's walk through how to edit the folder path so that TeamSlide can reconnect to your content. Log into your TeamSlide Web...

I Updated My Content but It Isn’t Showing in TeamSlide

If you've recently added new content to your content management system, such as SharePoint or Box, you might not see those slides in TeamSlide just yet. TeamSlide continues to automatically check your content repository for new or updated content every 60 minutes. New...

Adding Metadata in TeamSlide

There are two ways to tag or add metadata to your content in TeamSlide: In the TeamSlide Web Portal or in the TeamSlide PowerPoint add-in. TeamSlide Web Portal The TeamSlide Web Portal is an effective way to add metadata to many slides quickly. Log into your TeamSlide...

When I Insert a Slide, It Uses the Incorrect Master

When inserting a slide into PowerPoint, you have two options: Insert with active master: This will apply the slide master from your current presentation to the slide you are inserting from TeamSlide. Insert with original master: This will keep the master the slide was...

I Can’t See TeamSlide in PowerPoint. What Do I Do?

If you can't see TeamSlide in PowerPoint's Insert ribbon, you'll need to reinstall the TeamSlide add-in. You can find the download link by logging into the TeamSlide Web Portal and navigating to the Support page. You will find the TeamSlide download link on the bottom...

TeamSlide Integrations
TeamSlide integrations

Content management systems

  • SharePoint
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Box
  • OneDrive
  • Widen

Content creation

  • PowerPoint

Stock content

  • Wikimedia Commons
  • gettyimages
  • pixabay
  • Pexels


To visualize results:

  • Excel
  • tableau
  • Power BI

Security & Identity

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Okta

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