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How to Change a Replication Folder Path

Once you've established a replication task, making specific folders searchable in TeamSlide, you may find that the folder path has changed. Let's walk through how to edit the folder path so that TeamSlide can reconnect to your content. Log into your TeamSlide Web...

I Updated My Content but It Isn’t Showing in TeamSlide

If you've recently added new content to your content management system, such as SharePoint or Box, you might not see those slides in TeamSlide just yet. TeamSlide continues to automatically check your content repository for new or updated content every 60 minutes. New...

I Can’t See TeamSlide in PowerPoint. What Do I Do?

If you can't see TeamSlide in PowerPoint's Insert ribbon, you'll need to reinstall the TeamSlide add-in. You can find the download link by logging into the TeamSlide Web Portal and navigating to the Support page. You will find the TeamSlide download link on the bottom...

What Kind of Support is Offered?

TeamSlide’s intense customer focus defines our approach from new features to support. We partner with customers to ensure their business success and to continuously add value. This means: We offer a free, fully supported 30-day pilot.You won't have to set up your...

What is Involved in TeamSlide’s Replication Process?

TeamSlide is a powerful PowerPoint slide search solution (with an add-in) that allows users to search, insert, and preview slides, images, and videos. We integrate with several CMSs including SharePoint, Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive, essentially bringing the CMS...

Will End-users No Longer Need to Connect to Our CMS?

TeamSlide doesn’t aim to replace your content management system (CMS). Your CMS remains your primary content source. Instead, we offer an incredibly easy way to find specific slides, images, and videos from your CMS without having to leave PowerPoint. Users will...

How Do I Send Support My Log Files?

To help us debug any issues with your PowerPoint add-in, TeamSlide Support may ask for your log files. Here's how you can send them: Windows Open the menu by clicking the dropdown arrow under the TeamSlide icon in PowerPoint's Insert ribbon.Select Request Support.This...

When I Insert a Slide, It Uses the Incorrect Master

When inserting a slide into PowerPoint, you have two options:

Insert with active master: This will apply the slide master from your current presentation to the slide you are inserting from TeamSlide.

Insert with original master: This will keep the master the slide was built with.

Set the default

When you click on a preview to insert a slide, TeamSlide uses the default method that you specify:

  1. Log into your TeamSlide Web Portal and select Global Settings in the main menu.

  2. Scroll down to UI and functionality settings.

  3. If you want to ensure that the original master is the default, check Always apply master. If you prefer that active master from your current presentation is applied, leave it unchecked.

Manually insert a slide with the opposite method (not default)

From time to time, the default method may not work and you may be required to insert a slide using the opposite method:

  1. Put your mouse over the preview of the slide you are interested in.
  2. Select the information icon from the Hover menu to open the Information view.

  3. From the Information view, open the insert drop-down menu and select the insert option you prefer.

Note that while PowerPoint supports multiple master definitions in the same presentation, only one slide size is supported. Your slide will be converted to the size using in your active/current presentation.

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