Why Your Team Doesn’t Use The Correct PowerPoint Template, and How to Fix That

Mar 24, 2021

Managing PowerPoint slides and templates can be incredibly cumbersome. As a way to manage this plethora of content, you may have a deck-of-decks containing hundreds of your best, most recent slides. Being the sole keeper of all slides and templates may not be doing you any favors. This exactly why TeamSlide was created – to help professionals find PowerPoint slides and build presentations quickly and with up-to-date content. It’s well known that TeamSlide can make your PowerPoint slides searchable, but did you know you can do the same with template designs? Such as agendas, frameworks, timelines, lists, or even objects like maps, icons, and shapes. That way, when your team starts building a presentation from scratch, they will be able to choose the right ones from a repository of approved template slides. It’s a win-win.

In this article, we’ll show you how to make your PowerPoint template slides searchable. 

How to make PowerPoint Templates Searchable

Step 1: Create a new custom property

By creating a new custom property called “Templates,” you can view a ‘Templates’ section underneath the search bar of the TeamSlide pane. 

Templates custom property in TeamSlide

Creating this new custom property will enable TeamSlide users to easily find bar charts, agendas, 2-column slides, or any other type of template slide you might use when building PowerPoint decks. 

PowerPoint templates in TeamSlide
  1. Follow the steps in this article to create a custom propertySelect the following checkboxes – 
  • Use for combined search
  • Allow editing
  • Allow browsing

Step 2: Manually upload presentations with your template slides & assign values

In addition to presentations, you can also upload text box elements or objects. If you want to add more than ten template slides, we recommend using the Batch Upload method below. If you only want to upload a few slides or elements/objects, you can upload a single slide in PowerPoint by right-clicking and selecting Upload

Suppose you’d rather keep your content in your content management system, like SharePoint, Box, or Google Drive. In that case, you can add new content into the folder(s) connected to TeamSlide, and then use the Batch Edit/Search & Edit function to locate the new content and assign a Template value. 

If you need assistance with this, please send us a message at support@teamsli.de.

  1. Login to the TeamSlide Web Portal.

  2. In the main menu, click Batch Upload.

    Batch upload

  3. Click Add files to select the presentations you want to make searchable in TeamSlide. Depending on the file size, it may take a few moments to upload. After the file(s) are finished uploading, click Upload new slides.

    Upload new slides in batch upload

  4. Scroll down and select the template presentation(s) that you want to make searchable. A green checkmark will indicate that you’ve selected the slide or object.

    Select slides in TeamSlide

  5. Scroll back up to the top to fill out additional information that will be applied to the slides you’ve selected.

    Assign template slide value

    1. Select a library (a container for your content) to place the slides.

    2. In the Templates field, enter one word to describe your template slide (single value only). For example, you might enter graph, table, 2column, or agenda. 

    3. Next, add a description. We suggest clicking the Insert dropdown and selecting either Slide title or Filename.

    4. Optionally, you can also add Tags or other metadata to the selected slides. 

6. Save selected. Repeat step #5 for each template value you would like to assign.

Slide management doesn’t need to be a stressful burden. TeamSlide equips you with simple, easy-to-use tools that accelerate your PowerPoint workflow. 

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